Office coffee service Tulsa and Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Office coffee service Tulsa and Oklahoma City OklahomaAs of September 22nd, fall is officially here in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The chill is setting in, decorations are in stores, and everything pumpkin has made its way into stores. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, and a slew of other pumpkin items are now available nearly everywhere.

While fall is associated with the beginnings of the crazy holiday seasons, it’s also known as a time of comfort. Orange leaves hang like ornaments, waiting to gently cover the streets. Overcast skies hover above, promising rain tomorrow. Department stores place the latest styles to bundle yourself in. Coffee shops place bright red and orange decorations out, signaling it’s that time of year again.

All the donuts, all the creamers, all the syrups tempt you in the grocery aisles. Your friend sends you her “world famous pumpkin fritters.” Every party includes too many irresistible treats. It’s no wonder New Year’s resolutions are made after the holidays.

Office coffee service Tulsa and Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Fall is a time of fun; it’s where coffee and tea join with flavors you only get once a year. When you offer coffee
services to your Tulsa and Oklahoma City employees, you’re saying, “I care.” Instead of making people drudge through the cold weather, you’re giving them an opportunity to waltz over to the office coffee, grab a drink, and feel the warmth without ever having to step outside or throw on a jacket.

Holidays can also be stressful, not just at work, but in general. Why not give them the benefits? A quick “thank you” every morning or afternoon when they need some caffeine? You can’t beat the benefits of in-house coffee. The convenience during long, holiday lines at coffee shops and bitter weather can be huge in boosting office morale.

While offering coffee in the office may not seem like a big deal, it is. For employees who want to stay out of the cool weather as much as possible, having coffee at the office is something to look forward to every single day. This is a fantastic employee benefit with minimal costs involved. There’s no reason to keep coffee from your employees. For them, it will mean the world.

Whether you get a thank you or not, actions speak louder than words. Your employees may not voice it, but they are glad to have office perks like coffee. Instead of forcing them out of the office, you invite them to stay, focus on work, while also giving them a quick boost.

Fall is about new flavors, new weather, and new beginnings. The familiar sense of fall is a time of promise, hope, and the whispers of holidays to come. Start the season off right this year.

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