healthy snack vending machines in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Millennials Place A Premium On Snacks And They Want Them On The Go in Tulsa and Oklahoma City!

The break room snack machine in Tulsa and Oklahoma City plays a more important role in consumers’ lives today than at any time in history. Especially vending machines offering nutritious snacks with brands that consumers know and trust.
If your Tulsa and Oklahoma City break room happens to cater to Millennials, the snack machine is even more critical to their daily lifestyles.
The latest Mintel research confirms that consumers prefer portable snacks when on-the-go and they will pay more for healthier snacks and indulgent treats. Based on the June 2016 Mintel report, “Snacking in Foodservice,” 67 percent of consumers aged 18 to 44 desire snacks that are portable for on-the-go consumption.

healthy snack vending machines in Tulsa and Oklahoma City
With snacking now ubiquitous, more than three in five (64 percent) consumers agree that snacking is necessary to get through the day, including 77 percent of Millennials. What’s more, an extra boost of energy is also a motivator for Millennials as two in five (38 percent) dine at snack shops for energy compared to one quarter (27 percent) of consumers overall.
Recognizable brands also play a role when choosing snacks, as seven in 10 (69 percent) of consumers say snacks with branded ingredients are higher quality than other snacks. Moreover, seven in 10 (71 percent) Millennials say snacks are best eaten while on the go.
Keep in mind that Millennials are the fastest growing segment of today’s work force.
“Millennials gave us food trucks, food raves – what they want is a sense of community and they get that around food… They wake up every morning with the idea ‘you only live once’ (YOLO), so they are driving food trends, and we need to be watching carefully what Millennials are eating, because that’s what is creating the trends,” said Phil Lempert, a food marketing and retail expert.
healthy snack vending machines in Tulsa and Oklahoma CityWhile it’s important to address the needs of all consumers, the Millennials bear special attention since their numbers are growing.
As for the generation that succeeds the Millennials, snacking will also be important. The youngest consumers are being exposed to more varieties of flavors by their parents, meaning foodservice providers need to be ready to provide more variety in the meals and snacks they offer.
“There is a movement among parents to expand the palates of their children by introducing them to more diverse flavors that don’t typically fit into a kids’ menu,” says Diana Kelter, a foodservice analyst at Mintel.
Creative vending and refreshment service providers will certainly need to find ways to introduce more diverse snacks for consumers to eat on the run.
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