Your phone + your vending machine = match made in heaven.

Blue Sky Supply has always believed in investing in technology that will enhance the customer experience.

Tulsa and Oklahoma City leader in vending machines, office coffee service, and micro-market service.

State of the art equipment

We deliver the best snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, and food vending machines in the industry.

Employee rewards

PayRange not only updates the vending machine to accept mobile payments, but also promotions such as buy 7 items, get 1 free.

Credit/debit card readers

Not carrying cash is no longer an issue with one of our vending machines that accepts all kinds of cashless payment options.

Mobile payments

A smarter way to pay, use the PayRange app to purchase your snack, beverage, or food to get additional rewards.

Mobile vending app

Report an issue or request a new product directly to us via a mobile-friendly website rather than wait for a facility manager.

Lightspeed technology

Better warehouse management ensures our Tulsa and Oklahoma City area customers receive the right products when and where they need it.

Guaranteed product delivery

Built-in to each vending machine are infrared sensors that detect if a product is delivered, and if not, refunds the money instantly.

Green initiatives

From recycling to better managing our fleet of vehicles, Blue Sky Supply is working to create a greener tomorrow for Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

24/7 Quick Response

Any time of day or night, you will be able to reach someone who can help with a service issue quickly and professionally.
Vending machines and office coffee service in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Instant customer service line for vending machine users via our mobile site.

Now the employees or guests at your Tulsa and Oklahoma City business can contact us directly. No more trying to find the facility manager for lost money or leaving notes for the route driver of great products to try. Simply go to the special, mobile friendly site, located on the machine, to report a problem, leave a comment, request a product, etc. It’s service at your fingertips.


We believe in taking steps today for a greener tomorrow.

Beyond modern conveniences, we invest in technology that levies the least possible impact on the environment. This includes refrigerated machines that are filled with “friendly” refrigerants and energy efficient equipment using LED lighting and other energy saving components. Furthermore, we do things internally that cut down on our carbon footprint, such as designing routes to cut down on drive time, equipping trucks with all logical tools and parts to cut down on return trips, and using biodegradable packaging whenever possible.

More efficient and accurate warehouse management means more reliable vending machine service for your Tulsa and Oklahoma City workplace.