Ensure your break room has the best snacks in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Sophisticated snack vending machines with choices that will wow your Tulsa and Oklahoma City company employees and guests.

Premier Tulsa and Oklahoma City vending machines with better products and equipment.

State of the art equipment

Modern designs with integrated cashless payment technology for a superior user experience.

Healthy and wellness

Bring nutritious snacks to your Tulsa and Oklahoma City break room with our line of delicious, healthier options.

Regularly scheduled service

Professional, highly trained staff will visit your machines regularly to keep them stocked and clean.

Quick 24/7 response

Any time of day or night, staff at Blue Sky Supply is available to address your service issue.

Subsidized programs

Make snack vending machines a perk by paying for part or all of the product cost for employees.

Guaranteed product delivery systems

Infrared sensors in the vending machine detect if a product is delivered, but if not, triggers an automatic refund.

Break room snacking helps with employee team building and adds to job satisfaction.

Snack vending machines in Tulsa and Oklahoma City



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