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Today’s best selling refreshments customized perfectly for your company.

Vending Machines, Office Coffee Service and Micro-Markets in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Blue Sky Supply offers a variety of vending services including snack, beverage, coffee and fresh/frozen food vending. We can design custom vending services for your company and your employees, healthy choices, more selection, reliable, high-tech machines, and fast, friendly service.


Professionals restock and clean each piece of vending machine equipment to ensure uninterrupted refreshment.


We will be at your facility to restock items when you need us, day or night, and per special request.


Craft the ideal service solution for your Tulsa and Oklahoma City break room and employees from our huge selection of products and services.


Nutritious snacks and drinks can also be delicious. The proof is in our line of better-for-you options.


Ready to address any issue, you can contact us day or night and get a fast, courteous response.


Choose from our many options such as traditional vending, office coffee service, micro-markets, pantry service, and more.
Vending Machines, Office Coffee Service and Micro-Markets in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Eliminate wasted time traveling to find food, drinks, and snacks with on-site refreshment.

Blue Sky Supply doesn’t just offer vending machines, but multiple workplace options that will enhance your break room, increase morale, refresh employees, and increase productivity.

2.4 billion hours are lost in U.S. office productivity each year as a result of 50 percent of employees leaving work to purchase snacks. Adding vending machines, or a micro-market and office coffee service to your break room can mean happier, more productive employees and at the same time improve your bottom line.

Bringing the perfect lunch companion to your OKC + Tulsa Employees!

At BlueSky Supply we offer a variety of healthy alternatives and grab & go options for on-site convenience. Our snack, beverage and lunch items will keep you satisfied throughout those busy work days!