Sand Springs vending machines

Sand Springs Vending Machines

Adding a vending machine service to your Sand Springs facility can help boost morale and keep people energized throughout the day. Blue Sky Supply has a wide range of snacks, sodas and food items to appease any group, and they’re delivered in a variety of high-tech vending machines. We offer traditional snack vending machines, Coke & Pepsi vending machines, food vending machines and coffee vending machines, just to name a few. These aren’t just standard vending machines, but ones that incorporate many of the latest in convenience features. SureVend is an infrared technology that can determine if a paid for product is delivered or not, and provides refunds immediately, when necessary. Also, our vending machines transmit data to us remotely so we always know what needs restocking before ever leaving our facility.

High-Level Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services in Sand Springs

A thriving office in Sand Springs needs a high-level office coffee service, and Blue Sky Supply has what you need. We provide the coffee brewing machine to serve any sized operation, from traditional pot brewers for higher volume needs to single-cup brewers to cater to each individual drinker’s preferences. Beyond providing the high-quality, brand name coffees and teas to go along with your brewing machines, we’ll also regularly restock your break room with stir sticks, napkins, creamers, sweeteners and other necessities each time we visit.

If water quality is limiting your office coffee quality at your Sand Springs location, Blue Sky Supply has water filtration units to help remove the impurities that can affect taste. Our bottle-less filters – available in counter top and floor standing models – attach to your water supply to deliver better tasting water right from the tap. Available hot or cold at a moment’s notice, this is great to go along with an office coffee service or to enjoy as a drink on its own.

Sand Springs office coffee service

Install a Micro-Market in Your Sand Springs Break Room

If you want something beyond the typical vending machine service for your Sand Springs location, ask Blue Sky Supply about our Micro-Market program. This is where we customize your available office space, install attractive coolers, racks and displays, and convert it into a self-sustaining convenience store. There are hundreds of products to choose from, including items you don’t typically find in a vending machine. Try items like gluten-free chips, a variety of milk products and gourmet salads. Integrated self-checkout kiosks allow employees to not only be the store customers, but also the cashiers. Simply walk in, select the items you want and scan/pay for them at the kiosks. Since the kiosks are always available, the store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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