Claremore vending machines

Vending Machines for the Claremore Area

Do you want to improve morale for your Claremore employees while helping to boost their productivity? Consider a vending machine service from Blue Sky Supply. We have machines to serve anything your people want, from snack and Coke/Pepsi vending machines to those that serve coffee, refrigerated foods and healthy items. Select from hundreds of items. The choice of what fills your vending machines is customizable to your personal needs. Machines are installed for free and we’ll be back regularly to restock them.

The Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service Provider for Claremore

Claremore employees appreciate good coffee throughout the day, so why not provide it for them? Blue Sky Supply’s office coffee service offers everything from the state-of-the-art brewers, to a variety of coffees and teas, to stocking supplies for your break room. We’ll work with you to select brewers that will best handle your staff, from nimble by-the-cup brewers to those that brew by the pot. Airpots are available to keep your coffee hot long after it’s been brewed. Choose from many popular brands, flavors and types of both coffee and tea.

If water quality is limiting your ability to make decent coffee at your Claremore office, our water filtration service can help. Connecting directly to your water supply, our systems provide better tasting water – hot or cold – right from the tap.

Claremore office coffee service

Micro-Markets Installed in Claremore

Regardless of the size of your Claremore business, a Micro-Market solution from Blue Sky Supply is available for you. What’s a Micro-Market? Think of it as a self-sufficient mini convenience store installed right in your break room. We work with you to devise the right combination of coolers, racks and displays best fit your needs, and then fill them with hundreds of products. The selection is completely up to your discretion. Employees will love the fact that instead of having to leave the office for snacks, lunch or dinner, they can just walk into the Micro-Market, grab what they want, and purchase the items conveniently at the self-checkout kiosk. It’s simple –all you need to do is scan your wanted items and swipe a card to complete your purchase.

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