Vending machines in Catoosa

Vending Machines to Fit Any Catoosa Facility

When it comes to vending machines for your Catoosa facility, choose the variety that only Blue Sky Supply can offer. We have many different types of vending machines, supported by a huge array of snacks, foods and beverages. Our machines range from snack, beverage and food vending machines to coffee vending machines, and they feature the latest in convenience features. What goes into your machines is completely up to you – so pick the array of items to best match your employees’ preferences. If we don’t have something you’d like, just let us know. We’ll do what we can to add it.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Designed for Catoosa Businesses

Blue Sky Supply provides Catoosa businesses with a premier office coffee service. We have brands and flavors of coffees and teas your people want, brewed by machines to best handle your office size. Select from standard, high-volume brewers that make coffee by the pot or popular single-cup brewers.

If you’d like a better water solution, ask about our water filtration services. Our unique bottleless filters attach to your water supply to provide better water right from the faucet.

Micro-market services in Catoosa

Micro-Markets Installed in Catoosa

Are you looking for the ultimate in vending convenience, selection and simplicity for your Catoosa location? Blue Sky Supply has the answer with its Micro-Market program. This is where we put a convenience store right in your office, complete with racks, displays and coolers rather than vending machines…and filled with hundreds of snacks, beverages and foods of your choosing. With the integrated self-checkout kiosks, customers can walk in, grab what they want and ring themselves up. It’s the ultimate in convenience, and a great way to encourage employees to stay on site for all their snack and food needs.

Blue Sky Supply is ready to show you a higher level of vending. Call 918-599-9100 or e-mail to get started.