Tulsa and Oklahoma City’s Professional Micro-Market Security Experts

Self-serve micro-markets in Tulsa and Oklahoma city

Worry-free payments

All credit/debit card and mobile payments are processed securely using encryption.

Peace of mind cameras

Each Tulsa micro-market includes a camera system that monitors the solution 24/7.

Internet-based management

The self-service kiosk is connected to the Web to provide automatic insight about what’s selling.

Secured equipment

The micro-market kiosk is completely enclosed with no access to ports that could be used for data theft.

Easy-to-use touch screen

Using the micro-market’s self-service kiosk couldn’t be easier thanks to the clear checkout instructions and touch screen. Users follow the easy to understand on-screen directions and user friendly graphics to scan items and pay. Plus, the self-serve kiosk can be used as a reliable sign board to remind employees about policies, upcoming corporate events, and more.