Give your Tulsa and Oklahoma City workplace break room a new vibe with hundreds of products and 24/7 availability.

Create a high-quality micro-market that your Oklahoma City and Tulsa employees will love. Our micro-markets include ready-to-serve hot meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, snacks, beverages and much more!

Tulsa and Oklahoma City area experts for business micro-markets.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your break room the selection of a convenience store, but without the headaches of having to run a store? Well, you can with Blue Sky Supply’s Avanti Markets micro-market service.

Open Market Concept

Blow open your idea of refreshment with items in store-style racks and coolers instead of vending machines.

Customized Selections

Each micro-market plan is unique with want and need for the optimal workplace refreshment experience.

Web-based Inventory

Instant sales data from the kiosk allows us to pick only the needed items to refill during your next location service.
Self serve kiosks and micro-market service in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Self Check-out Kiosks

Easy to use and secure, the micro-market kiosk allows checkout without an attendant, around the clock

Attractive Fixtures

Enhanced design, sophisticated shelving, modern glass coolers with LED lights all create a new vibe to aid morale.

Improves Corporate Culture

Employees love our micro-markets, viewing them as a benefit from the employer and a must-have to increase productivity.

Reliable. Innovative. Flexible. That’s what Blue Sky Supply is all about. For more information or to set up a free, no obligation consultation, call 918-599-9100 or e-mail

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